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That’s a wrap!

Ladies, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for joining us this year for Swordgirl 2020! Women from all over the country got to experience the love that Jesus has for them. YOU, are a Girl on Mission. Right here, right now. Placed and purposed for such a time as this so that the world around you may know the HOPE that is in Jesus.

We are honored to have had this time with you and all the women participating with us around the country. May the name of Jesus be glorified in this room and beyond.

With love,

The Swordgirl Conference Team

what’s next for Swordgirl?

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for attending the conference this year! We hope it was a hope-filled blessing to you in this difficult season. We take it seriously that you trust us with a part of your spiritual growth. We want to share with you something we have been processing through with the Lord as a conference team.

As you may have heard, Swordgirl 2020 was the last conference we will be putting on for a bit. About 13 months ago I started to sense that God was calling us to lay down this ministry for a while – to let it rest and wait on the Lord for His next step.  Just like a farmer lets his field rest so that it bears a greater harvest in the future, we believe God is calling us to let this field rest and revive. We believe He is true to His Word that He prunes things to bear more fruit! We are waiting in expectation for His marching orders and how He wants to make this experience even more of a blessing to the body of Christ. 

We love you so much, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for investing here, for cheering us on, for entrusting us with a portion of your spiritual growth, and for coming each year to meet with the Lord. We want to invite you as a community to link arms with us and join us in prayer as we go on this journey together. Make sure you sign up for our emails so we can update you, too!

Much love,

Kenzie Carter


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